Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Formosa 2008 May Run --- Dazi


After this Sunday running in the City, we will have our real run on 10th of May.
Dorthea will hare a run in Dazi with a beautiful city view, 101, Keelung River and Songshan Airport.
This might be the last time she hares for us before she leaves the country.
So come come to say goodbye to our lovely runner from far far away Norway!

Date: 10th May
Regroup time: 14:00
Regroup venue: Yuan Shan MRT Station (Tam Shui/Red Line)

It will take another 10 mins. drive from the MRT Station to the start point.
So if you are driving, please stop by to pick us up.

Lost? Question?
Call: GM 0917-825-781
Hare: 0917-983-677

On on

Monday, 28 April 2008

04 May (Sunday) Super Supau 3K Run

Dear all,

After meetings and discussions on it at our favourite restaurant/bar/club,
the run is finally happening on this coming Sunday
If you have paid NTD100, do show up as you promised and get the sexy T-shirt, sponsored by Carnegie's!!!
If you haven't, it's not too late... yet
please let Paula/Momo/Stella know that you are coming

Date: 04 May, Sunday
Regroup: 07:00 AM
Venue: City Hall Square

the run will start at 07:30
from the City Hall Square -> Ren Ai Road Sec. 4 -> An He Road (U-turn point) ->City Hall Square

Remember, if you don't show up, you will not get the NTD100 back.

Hope you all will enjoy the run!

GM's secretary

P.S. for more information about the run, please visit the official website: