Friday, 2 July 2010

2010 Formosa Summer Pool Party Run

Dear all,

Yes, it's summer time and it's damn hot!! Although we were on the beach last month (week), we didn't have a chance to show off our bikinis due to the full moon and very very very very low tide.
Our dearest GM doesn't give up so easily. Must find another chance to let us to show off our new bikinis.
If the beach didn't work (and she missed it herself anyhow), then let's go to the poool~~~~~

Date: July 10th (Jackie and Nina, this is arranged for you two)
Regroup time: 13:00  (so you girls can enjoy the pool before the run)
Regroup @ Taipei Country Club Swimming Pool (please see the below for how to get there)
Run starts at 15:00
Ticket for the swimming pool: 240NT

So, don't miss the chance to show yourself off again!!!

Lost? Arrive late? Please call our GM @

On on 
the secretary