Monday, 22 September 2008

2008 September Hot Spring Run


this email is to remind you that the September run is coming up on this Sat. (27th)
after a few talks and discussion, we decided to take the bus (Capital Star) to Yilan
it's really the easiest and simplest way for everyone
the bus is new with nice big seats
ticket is NTD 120.
tickets are only available at-site; EasyCard is acceptable as well
the traffic time is around 1 hr

so here is the regroup info:
Time: 13:00
Venue: MRT Taipei City Hall Station, Exit 3
Capital Star Bus Station (you will see people queuing ...)

Since we will have to queue for the bus, (they don't sell seats in advance)
please be there ON TIME so we can all get on the same bus as soon as we can

Some of you might have heard the news about the damages caused by the big typhoon in Yilan
The hare has checked the run yesterday and it is really an easy run with a nice view
so Stella, if you need to, take your girls
I am sure they can handle it very well

and after the run, we will enjoy the famous hot spring in Jiao Shi
so don't forget your changing clothes and towels
and anything else you need

after the bash, the group should head back to Taipei around 9
and arrive Taipei around 10
(this is when the traffic is better)

so please let us know if you are joining the run
otherwise we will not wait for you at the bus stop

P.S., since it's an A-to-B run, coming with your own car will NOT be a smart move
just join everyone with the bus!

Should you have any question, call
the hare: 0918366916

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別忘了這個禮拜六就是我們 Formosa 的宜蘭礁溪特別跑步
經過幾番激烈的討論 我們決定以最簡單輕鬆的方式去礁溪
也就是搭巴士 (首都之星)
巴士很新 座位很大很舒服
票價是 120 元
現場購票 優遊卡也可通
車程約 1 個小時

集合時間: 27號 下午 1:00
集合地點: 捷運市政府站 出口 3
首都之星巴士站 (一推人排隊的就是了)

由於首都是採現場隨到隨上 不事先售票
所以請大家準時 這樣我們才能一起上同一台巴士

這次的路很輕鬆 風景又漂亮


晚上吃完飯後,約 9 點鐘再回台北
因此回到台北約 10 點鐘

由於這次的跑步是 A到B 的路


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Thursday, 11 September 2008

2008 September Run - Special Run in Yilan requested by Momoco


We are going to Yilan again!!!
Yes, yes, you know it!!!
It's all about great food, hot spring, and of course with a beautiful run!!!
If you want, you can stay for the night but you have to arrange it yourself
(Stella, if Sebastian is in town, you might want to do that. Just ask him to meet us for the bash and then your family can have a nice one-day outing in Yilan)
Considering the transportation, we will need to know how many of you are joining.
So please sign up for the run and then we'll come up with a better way to take you gals there
Roughly, we'll leave around noon time and come back after the bash

Date: 27th September, 2008
Run: Jiaohsi, Yilan


Call: 0918-366-916 Joanna

你們知道的, 礁溪是個理想的跑步地方
有好吃的 好玩的, 好買的 跑完步還可以去泡溫泉
因為交通的考量 我們必須先知道有多少人要去
我們大約會是在中午出發 晚上吃完飯再回台北
想留下來繼續玩的人 請自行安排住宿喔
歹勢 兔子的爸媽家太小 沒辦法給大家住

日期: 9月27日
地點: 宜蘭礁溪


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