Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Feb. 06, 2010 FH3 Run

Dear all,

it's again Pretty Young Girl's "25th" birthday!!!
so let's run for her~~~ forever young~~~
to celebrate her Majesty's big day, please bring a dish to join the big party at her beautiful garden
we'll have a lovely picnic under her blossoming cherry trees
genuine Russian Vodka will be served when you are thirsty

 here is the detail of the run:
Regroup at :
MRT: Da Hu Park Station (大湖公園)

at 2:00 pm

Drivers, please come to the regroup to pick up those environmental friendly fellas who take a bus or MRT (e.g., the secretary)

if you are late and need direction to get to her Mejesty's mansion, please call
the hare@0937-002-388
the GM@0937-939-596

On on
the secretary