Thursday, 23 October 2008

2008 Oct. Run

Dear All,

This upcoming Saturday 25th, our exciting Formosa Run is on!!

Grouping time: Bei-Tou MRT station 北投捷運站 at 2pm (I and Paula will pick up some people, I need maybe one more car, pls someone volunteer) For someone who drive, I will mark from Bei-Tou MRT station 北投捷運站- 大業路- 左轉大同街- 接復興二路 - 右轉復興三路. to our home (白宮山莊: our add--復興三路 201 巷 4 弄 2號. )

Run will be nice and easy, suitable for pregnant/ tall/ short/ slim/ fat/ old/ young...... women & children. By walking, takes about 1.5 hours.

Run start: 3pm

Bash: 6pm Near Chin-yun MRT station. 奇岩站對面 "有有有鵝肉路邊餐廳" The Goose Restaurant

Home tel. number: 2894-6886. My Mobile: 0921-641-563

Hope these information is sufficient. Hope the weather will be food, See you then. On On. (Eveline is the Hare...I am the Co-Hare. ha ha)

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