Monday, 13 June 2011

2011 Formosa Hash June's Run in Mucha~~~~

Dear all,

here comes the detail for this month's run on this Sat., June 18th.
If you missed the lat party with Formosa Mamasan, come this Sat. and enjoy her stories.
Plus the hare/host is the guarantee of great food 
Great stories + great food, what else do you need????
oh of course we do not forget the tasty Taiwan Beer in such a hot summer day~~~~
Come and enjoy~~~~

Date: June 18th
Meet at MRT ZOO station at 2pm
It will be a very nice almost all trail run in the woods of Mucha.
For questions, please call 0920 873 111
p.s., you probably want to prepare yourself with some actions that could leave you some bruises later on... 
if you do not obey our overseas manager... 
如果你上次錯過了跟媽媽桑的趴踢 這次千萬別再錯過了
好聽的故事+好吃的美食 你還在猶豫甚麼????
當然 我們不會忘記在這樣的大熱天 那冰涼可口的台灣啤酒~~~
來來來 跑步去
日期: 6月18日
集合時間: 下午兩點
集合地點: 捷運木柵動物園站
甚麼??? 你說太陽這麼大 去跑步是神經病? 
喔 別怕別怕  兔子保證沿路有許多大樹會為你撐傘遮陰

客服專線: 0920 873 111
小叮嚀: 你最好在我們海外分公司經理面前安分一點 否則隔天醒來 身上可能會莫名出現瘀青... 

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