Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Mark your calendar for the FH3 2010 May Run

Dear all,

This month we'll have a special run for a special reason. What is the special reason? Well you have to come and see yourself. So mark your calendar and make sure you don't miss it!!!

Date: 22nd of May
Time: 14:00 hour
Regroup @ Mu Zha Station

As we know, the former GM and her biaatches are going to Thailand for the dirty Fullmoon Party the week after the run. We'll on on to downtown for our former GM's wedding shower pre-party after the bash~~~
So get yourself ready for this rare occassion to heat up the city for the coming up summer time~~~~

Dress code for the wedding shower pre-party: YELLOW Top or Dress
Make sure you dress up for this!!! Believe me, you do want to get everything you have to make sure that you stand out of the crowd for the night you will never forget for life! And you have 1 week to prepare.

On on
The secretary

五月的路跑將在 5 月 22 號舉行.

日期: 5/22
集合時間: 下午兩點
集合地點: 木柵捷運站

希望大家都能到, 因為我們有個小小的特別活動.畢竟, 我們偉大的前會長要嫁人了(已經嫁人了), 重點是, 月底他要帶著他的"妻妾"們去泰國參加瘋狂鹹濕的月圓趴. 沒辦法跟去參加月圓趴? 沒關係, 當天我們 bash 完之後, 會 on on 到市區來, 進行鹹濕月圓趴的暖身趴. 相信我, 這絕對會是讓你畢生難忘的一夜, 如果我是你, 我一定會排除萬難來參加. 把小孩交給你媽, 把老公交給鄰居, 把狗狗帶去寵物旅館, 來就對了!

晚上鹹濕月圓趴的暖身趴的穿著有規定喔, 上半身一定要是黃色的, 全身黃色的洋裝也可以.


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