Wednesday, 29 September 2010

2010 Formosa October Run 10月9日 麻辣火鍋 Run

Dear all,

To contiune our party with our Overseas Manager, we'll have our October run on the 9th.
To welcome this lovely pleasant autumn weather, we're going to have famous ma-la hot pot (extremely spicy hot pot) for the bash. So don't miss it~~~~

oh yeah ....  the run
yes, our born-again hare will take us to some pretty Tien Mu trail before we start eating like there is no tomorrow
so ... don't miss it~~~~

Regroup time: 14:00 hour
Regroup: California Fittness, No. 34, Chung San N. Road, Sec. 7
There are many buses going to Chung San N. Road, Sec. 7
You should get off at Tien Mu Square

Bash: Huang-Chi-mala
For those who are only coming for ma-la hot pot, we'll be at Huang-Chi-mala after 18:00
The address for the restaurant is
No. 10, Alley 4, Lane 5, Tien Mu W. Road (across Haagen Dazs icecream shop)

lost? question? 
the hare: 0968 995 148
the secretary: 0918 366 916

10月份的福爾摩沙女士路跑將在10月9號 在天母舉行

集合時間: 10月9日 下午 2 點
集合地點: 天母加州健身俱樂部 (中山北路七段34號)

如果你來不及來跑步 那就來吃火鍋吧!


以上還不清楚 須要問問題的 請洽:
兔子: 0968 995 148
秘書: 0918 366 916

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Thursday, 16 September 2010

2010 Formosa September Run 09/25


here are the details for the run on this Sat.:
Regroup time: 13:30, 25/09/2010
Regroup at: the inter junction of ChungXiao E. Road Sec. 5 and Song Ren Road
                      it's near the Taipei City Hall MRT Station
                      if you come with the MRT, take EXIT 3, and then keep on walking, you will meet Song Ren Road.

Call for driver: since the start of the run can only be accessed by cars, please come to ChungXiao and Song Ren to pick up others. Many thanks.

Direction for driving: take Xin Yi Express, and get off at Shen Keng EXIT
flour will start from here

lost? question? call
0932 381 013 (Woody)
0918 366 916 (secretary)

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集合時間: 下午1:30分
集合地點: 忠孝東路五段松仁路口
                 在捷運市政府站 三號出口 往前一直走 第一個路口就是了

麻煩請開車的人 到集合地點接客 ... 人
開車路線: 走信義快速道路 下深坑交流道 就會看到麵粉

lost? question? call
0932 381 013 (Woody)

0918 366 916 (secretary)

Dear all,

After the lovely run in Five Finger Mountain hared by the lovely former GM, the next run has been scheduled on the 25th of September.
Hared by another very much experienced hash couple, Woody and Kevin, the run is guaranteed to be a beautiful trail run with a lot of mouth-watering food in Sheng Ken.

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the secretary