Monday, 14 February 2011

GM RUN, FEB. 19TH 2011

Dear all,

here is the upcoming run of this month.
The GM will bring us to her lovely Peitou area.
As you know, a good run, hot spring and great food are guaranteed!!!
Don't miss it~~~

Date: 19th Feb. 
Regroup time: 02:00PM
Regroup venue: No.3 Zhongshan Road, 18F, Room 1
(2 mins. from Xin Beitou MRT, mark will start from here)
if you are late, they can just ask the security guard for the 外國人 ^_^

Need help? call the hare/GM @

On on,
the secretary

這個月的路跑就在本周六, 2月19日
想當然爾 跑步就從GM的溫暖小窩開始
跑完了 可以享受當地的北投溫泉 美食當然也是少不了的
請大家告訴大家 千萬不要錯過~~~

日期: 2月19日
集合時間: 下午兩點
集合地點: 北投中山路3號18樓1室 (天月社區大樓)
捷運新北投站出口 兩分鐘就到 
若晚到了, 請直接跟警衛說: 要找一個外國人女生

求助專線: 0917-950-496