Wednesday, 11 August 2010

2010 Formosa August Run 08/28

Hi everyone~~~~

Weather is super hot so we need to find somewhere nice to cool us down
The hare of this month kindly offer us a nice place up in the mountains with cool breeze and a nice .... huh... not pool but a...  
jakoozi~~~ (oh well... close enough...)
what's better than bikini???? getting naked, of course!!!
Yes, this month, we are going to Five Finger Mountain (Wuzisan) to Dolan's mansion and the bash will be typical Taiwanese gourmet food since the hare cares nothing else but FOOD!!!

So, get ready for this nice day chilling out with girls and ...a dog... 

Date: 28th of August
Regroup time: 14:00 
Regroup at: MRT Dahu Park Station

If you are late, there is a bus going up to the mansion. call the hare:

or the secretary
0918 366 916

On on~~~~