Monday, 14 March 2011

March 19th A-Ma Bulanni's Run (A-B)

Dear all,

Yes, this Sat. A-Ma Bulanni is haring the run for the girls!!!
Don't miss the chance for brilliant food and lovely (easy) run prepared by the youngest and sexiest A-Ma!!!

Date: 19th March
Regroup @ Nan Shi Jiao MRT Station, Exit 1
Regroup time: 14:00 hour

Since this will be an A to B run, please come to the regroup venue, Nan Shi Jiao MRT Station Exit 1, on time if you don't want to carry your own bag for the run. The run will start at 14:30.

If you are late, don't worry, the flour will start from Nan Shi Jiao MRT Station Exit 1.
Just follow the flour and you'll find the food and us

Lost? Need help?
call the hare @ 0937 463 176


由於這是一個 A 到 B 的路
請各位在周六下午兩點鐘 準時到 捷運南勢角站 1 號出口集合

遲到者, 將被處罰背著自己的背包跟著麵粉跑

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