Wednesday, 12 November 2008

November Run on 11/15 in Danshui 十一月 FH3 跑步在淡水

Hi Dear Fh3,
Here's the details of November run in Danshui~
Since we are planing to bash at home (because too many kids and babies), I'll prepare some Hakka food and Danshui famous delicious snacks, like Bauzi. fishbal soup. seafood chips, etc. Also, I'd like everyone to bring one dish to the bash. Eating and Drinking are very important things for Fh3, right?
Date: 11/15 Sat
Time: 2:30 pm
Add: No, 37, Lane 16, ShanZiBian , Danshui. Vienna forest Villa
( WeiYeNa SenLin BieShu)
Tel: 2626-1918
Cell: 0922-670098
I'll mark flour from two different road~
1. From Beitou - Dao Syang Rd& Zhongyang N.Rd~mountain road to Danshui past Guo Hua Golf Course, this road will take you about 15 mins after turning up on Dao Syang Rd from ZhungYang N. Rd.
2. Start from HongShuLin MRT( right cross the station) all the way to DanJin road & Beihsin road (Hwy 101) ~ along the main road to Baishawan & SanZhi from Taipei city, you can see the flour mark from Hongshulin MRT station before the big turn ( Chungcheng east road). Stay on the main by-pass road (Dan-Jin Rd) on your right hand side. It's about 10 mins to our place from the intersection of Dan Jin Rd and Bei Hsin Rd. (turn right BEFORE Tian Yuan Temple on Hsiao Ping Ding Rd (Route 3) for 300meters. Wei-Ye-Na Villas on the right.
It's about 200 NT and 15 mins to our house by taxi from HongShuLin MRT.
Looking forward to see you all. Call 0922-670-098 if you can't find it
日期: 11/15 星期六
時間: 2:30 pm
地址: 淡水,山子邊16巷37號 ,(維也納森林別墅.)
Tel: 2626-1918
Cell: 0922-670098
1.北投稻香路與中央北路口(承德路接大業路後再左轉中央北路):往淡水的山路, 開車的人如想避開繁忙的淡水交通,可走此路,經過國華高爾夫球場到我們家.(約15分可到,如果你習慣開山路)
2.自紅樹林捷運站對面的馬路開始灑至淡金路 & 北新路口再右轉上山: 開車從台北市區走平面道路到淡水,別走進淡水市區,維持在右手邊,繼續接上右邊往三芝的淡金路,經過右手邊第一個7-11後的交叉路口就是北新路,請注意麵粉將會帶著你向右轉上山,約5分可到.
希望大家都能來參加喔 !若有任何問題請連絡我.

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