Monday, 8 December 2008

2009 FH3 Committee

Dear all,

we have our new committee for 2009 elected on last Sat.
here I announce Bonnie, the bunny in the jungle, has successfully been "framed"... i mean "elected"... as the GM of Formosa Hash for 2009!
and here is the list of the rest of the committee
Joint Master : Jocelyn
Hash cash : Stella
Trail Master : Paula
Hash photopragher : Candy
Entertainment master : Momo
"Great" hash secretary : Joanna

Also,here is the hare list:
Jan - Hash baby
Feb - Cat waman (暫訂)
Mar - Momoco
Apr - Rebecca
May - Candy
Jun - Paula
Jul - Jocelyn
Aug - Nina (暫訂)
Sep - Meimei
Oct - Joanna
Nov - Louisa
Dec - Bonnie

If too hard to remember,let's list it as:
Jan - 人蔘G & 炒米粉 run
Feb - yummy bash run
Mar - unlimited wine run
Apr - another alcoholic run
May - album maker run
Jun - Jacuzzi run
Jul - Bikini run
Aug - bruise run (因為會被打到烏青)
Sep - Sweet potato run (大"歡"薯la...)
Oct - Hot spring run
Nov - always can't make it run
Dec - creazy theme party run

Love you all~

Bonnie & Joanna

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