Wednesday, 21 October 2009

2009 November 7th, Run in Shen Keng

Dear all,

Mark your calendar and prepare yourself a big feast!!!
On the contrary to the exciting run in Jiao Hsih, we are going to chill out a bit in November.
Our hare will start the run and hold the bash at her mansion, built with her husband's hands.
An outdoor jakuzi overlooking the surrounding mountains would be a complimentary treat after the run.
And don't you miss the bash!!!
I've never heard anyone ever got disappointed by the hare's food!!!
and she is asking how many bottles of wine to buy already.
so do join the run and have another great day with girls and NINA~~~~
(yes, she is still here... haha)

Date: Nov. 7th
2 pm regroup @
Kunyang MRT Station (Blue Line)
those who are driving, please come here and pick others up

@@@To prepare food and drinks, please give us a shout if you are coming!!!@@@


11月份我們輕鬆一點 到 Louisa 姐姐家 吃吃喝喝囉~~~
大家都知道 Louisa 姐姐家在深坑的山上
除了有漂亮的美景 當然還有美食和美酒
我沒聽過有誰去 Louisa 家有失望過的
所以 把日期時間記下來 別跑錯捷運站囉

日期: 11 月 7 日


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