Monday, 6 December 2010

ATTENTION!!! THIS SATURDAY 2010 Formosa Dec. Election Run (Dec. 11)

Dear all,

Sorry for the late notice due to the kitty cat's busy schedule.
We'll have our Dec. run on this Sat. (Dec. 11th) hared by the birthday girl, BEER KITTY
And she is our youngest hare in Fomorsa Hash's history
After the run we'll have our election for next year GM (Rebecca, are you ready?)
So, COME COME for the run to celebrate little kitty's birthday and vote for next GM~~~

Date: Dec. 11th
Regroup time: 14:00 hour
Regroup venue: MRT Ho San Pi Station, EXIT 2 (捷運後山埤站 2號出口)
(flour will start marking from here if you are late) 麵粉會從這裡開始撒

The run will start from the Cats' house at 15:00 hour.

Bash starts at 18:00 hour @ 
Drunk Shrimp Restuarant 活醉蝦
Across No. 28, Lin Ko Street 林口街28號 對面
Tel: 02-2727 9460

If you have any question, please call:
Cat Woman@ 0935 737 271
GM@ 0937 939 596

on on
the secretary

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